Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Derangement, Inside Us All

Inside Us All


The skull is a powerful icon. While generically associated with the likes of motorcycle gangs and heavy metal, the skull also represents a common denominator in humanity. Underneath the skin and external attributes that differentiate us, structurally we are much the same. While we can acknowledge the skull as a symbol of unity in this way, the skull undisputedly represents something dark in our collective unconscious. Isolation. Death.

Much of what we are exposed to on a regular basis dwells on the differences that separate us. Media and marketing thrive on competition, inequality, and dissatisfaction. What distinguishes voluntary, circumstantial, and isolation by force? Can we effectively regulate the intake of the messages we receive?

Examining the roots of my own isolation, I uncover insecurity, anxiety and a wealth of other self destructive characteristics. As I name and expose these qualities, I realize I'm not actually separate, different, or alone. Struggle is not unique, but inside us all. Like our skin, the outward manifestation of intrinsic characteristics serves to differentiate and isolate us.


The installation, Derangement, Inside Us All, was created for Rockford Art Museum's Printmaker's Ball Exhibition (June 12-Sept 27, 2015). The installation consists of 4 printed arrangements. Each arrangement screen printed with the most recent skull illustration I refer to as "Inside Us All" in fluorescent yellow, hot pink, and black skull. Inside Us All was divided into 100 panels, each panel measuring 10"x10".  Inside Us All was printed in each color using a different configuration for each arrangement, hence becoming a derangement. Random portions of the image are recognizable, however not easily and no two derangements are the same.

yellow + pink + black = 1 arrangement

Universal laws of balance suggest that in the presence of isolation, there is equal presence of connection. In reflecting upon Derangement, Inside Us All, themes emerge to support the existence of this balance.

Derangements 1 - 3
Derangement 4

Communication. Zeroes and ones. Morse code. Digital language.

Community. Infinity. Individual parts that make a larger whole. Printmakers. Ball.

Recognition. Appreciation. The impact of scale and beauty in nuance.

Trinity. Singularity. Spiritual scientific overlap.

Sustainability. Evolution. Stated best by Albert Einstein -- Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.

All wood used was found or re-purposed. Panel detail.


Unexpectedly, this installation marks the end of the body of work I've created over almost 2 years.

At this moment, I'm inspired by carefree spontaneity. Yang emerges.

Rather than a stopping or starting point, I am at an oasis.

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