Monday, November 8, 2010

Rapidiograph Apples

In my last apple blog post, I'd started thinking about backgrounds and composition. I stepped back from that. I'm really enjoying just drawing and not creating anything finished with these. 
Here are a couple more sketches. I like this style.. Maybe even more than the color pencil drawings. Been drawing some bananas and pears too, but I like to keep with the apples as a common denominator.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lilya Brik Russian Constructivism T!

This is the last in the series for a minute or two...Hope you're enjoying them!

Wax poetic and celebrate Soviet Constructivism wearing this iconic art history t-shirt depicting famed "muse of Russian avant-garde," Lilya Yuryevna Brik!

Brik - renowned for being the muse of poet and painter Vladimir Mayakovsky - adorns this white 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirt as she appeared on the cover of Leftist Front of Arts magazine in the 1920's. The original cover design was created by Alexander Rodchenko and has since inspired countless adaptations and reinterpretations.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Russian Political Constructivism Art T-shirt

...Another newly posted design from my art movement series for NonFiction Tees.

This T-shirt depicts some of the colorful cubist hallmarks of Russian constructivism.

Constructivism was an artistic and architectural movement that originated in Russia from 1919 onward which rejected the idea of "art for art's sake" in favor of art as a practice directed towards social purposes.

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